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Brighter Futures

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Expanding our capacity to chart a brighter future for the world’s children
Harold S. Koplewicz, MD, Founding President and Medical Director
Devon Briger, Co-Chair, Board of Directors
Joseph Healey, Co-Chair, Board of Directors
Our work is made possible by individuals who share our belief that all children deserve access to mental health care. Make a difference for families by donating today.



Expanding our capacity to chart a brighter future for the world’s children

The global youth mental health crisis will not recede on its own. Childhood anxiety and depression persist at staggering rates, and suicide remains a leading cause of death in young people. Adversity and conflict unfolding around the world leave trauma, grief, and pain in their wake. That’s why the Child Mind Institute is expanding our capacity to chart a brighter future for the world’s children. In 2023 we grew our programs, our footprint, our ambitions, and our reach so that we can change the trajectory of as many young lives as possible.

Our generous supporters enable this work and so much more. From local fundraisers to corporate sponsors, our community sustains us as we chart the future our children deserve. Read on to see how we are honoring the investment our supporters make in our mission.



62,000+ clinical appointments

In 2023, our clinicians provided gold-standard services for 62,286 patient appointments, up 13% from 2022.

80+ Thriving Kids videos

We have produced over 80 videos through our Thriving Kids projects. These free, evidence-based videos teach children mental health skills and offer practical guidance to educators and caregivers.

Educating millions

Since 2012, our School and Community Programs have reached over 2.2 million students, parents, teachers, and mental health professionals across more than 9,000 schools.

21.2+ million visits

In 2023, we saw the highest web traffic in our history with more than 21.2 million visits to, nearly 2 million more than 2022. Our Family Resource Center drove 78% of traffic.

3,000+ publications

We champion open science by sharing our data and expert knowledge freely with the scientific community. Our data has been used in 3,000+ publications by independent researchers, resulting in $3+ billion in savings.

Global partners

Through our global programs, we are partnering with clinicians in over ten countries across five continents to scale evidence-based trainings, resources, and treatment around the world.

Our New Global Headquarters

In 2023, we completed planning and preparation for our new headquarters, located at 215 East 50th Street in New York City. The 82,000-square-foot space will allow us to scale impact across our three mission areas of care, education, and science and convene global experts to develop innovative solutions. Our new home marks the beginning of an exciting next chapter as we grow our organization and, in turn, support more children and families.
Transforming Lives With Evidence-Based Care


Transforming Lives With Evidence-Based Care

In the ever-evolving landscape of mental health care, the Child Mind Institute stands out with a forward-thinking model dedicated to nurturing young minds and transforming lives. We view therapy as a results-driven journey, setting goals and tracking progress to guide children to their best lives. Our world-class clinical team priorities evidence-based treatments, accurate diagnoses, individualized treatment plans, and coordinated care across a multidisciplinary team.

Connecting with Children, Families, and Educators


Connecting with Children, Families, and Educators

At the Child Mind Institute, we share evidence-based information across various mediums for educators, mental health professionals, parents, caregivers, and kids —so that everyone in a child’s life can take an active role in promoting mental health and well-being. Through free educational resources, in-school services, and public awareness campaigns, we can make life-changing information and support accessible to more children and families.

Catalysts of Change: Leading the Course to Discovery


Catalysts of Change: Leading the Course to Discovery

Science is in the DNA of the Child Mind Institute’s mission. Our team of scientists and engineers are devoted to revolutionizing children’s mental health. Their research and discoveries are making a world of difference at home and on a global scale. Focused on the developing brain, our innovations are designed to address the modern challenges faced by children and families around the world.


Worldwide Impact: Forging Global Partnerships

The United States does not have a monopoly on children’s mental health challenges. Recognizing the need to improve access to quality mental health care worldwide, the Child Mind Institute is partnering with stakeholders in a growing list of countries to co-create tools and resources, scale sustainable treatment models, and deploy evidence-based training programs that focus on the needs of local communities.

Read the Report

Download the full 2023 Annual Report to learn more about our efforts to support children and families this year or view past Annual Reports.