Anirudh Krishnakumar

Research Operations Coordinator, Center for the Developing Brain

Child Mind Institute

Anirudh Krishnakumar is the research operations coordinator in the Center for the Developing Brain at the Child Mind Institute, where he supports the development, implementation and monitoring of research policies, protocols and procedures. Under the supervision of Dr. Arno Klein, he is building an open source inventory of current technologies in the field, and developing digital technologies (smartphone apps, wearable devices, computer games, etc.) for use in assessing, predicting and alleviating mental health disorders.

Mr. Krishnakumar is also pursuing a PhD on mental health disorders and collaborative open science through the Center for Research and Interdisciplinarity (CRI, Paris) and its Open Collective Endeavours for an Autism Network (OCEAN), a project bridging the gap between science, society and technology. His research interests include empowering various stakeholders in the autism community to develop projects together in a more open model of scientific inquiry. He founded the CRI outreach program in Chennai, India where students from different disciplines learn and apply innovative approaches in research and education on projects associated with mental health disorders. He is the recipient of the AIV Master challenge award with funding of 15000 Euros to develop his project.