Carolyn Chadwick

Research Assistant, Healthy Brain Network

Child Mind Institute

Chadwick  Carolyn CMI

Carolyn “CC” Chadwick is a research assistant for the Healthy Brain Network at the Child Mind Institute. She assists in conducting participant interviews and collecting data for research.

CC graduated from Connecticut College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in behavioral neuroscience. During her time as an undergraduate student, she worked as a research assistant at the Memory and Aging Center at UC San Francisco, where she studied geriatric depression and the socio-emotional functioning of adults with various types of dementia. She also volunteered in a neuroscience lab and studied memory impairments following drug and alcohol exposure and subsequent amphetamine addiction.

CC’s interests include learning about mental health disorders and finding individualized treatments as well as studying psychophysiology, or how the brain interacts with the body and vice versa. She plans on pursuing a graduate degree in neuropsychology.


  • BA, Behavioral Neuroscience, Connecticut College