Colin de Miranda, ASW

Social Worker, School and Community Programs

Child Mind Institute, San Francisco Bay Area

DeMiranda Colin CMI

Colin de Miranda, ASW, is a social worker for the School and Community Programs team at the Child Mind Institute – San Francisco Bay Area. Mr. de Miranda possesses a long history of supporting marginalized communities and particularly their youth. He has extensive experience delivering evidence-based behavior-focused interventions to youth at risk of psychiatric hospitalizations and group home placement. His work has predominately focused on youth affected by depression, anxiety, opposition and disruptive impulses, attention deficits, and trauma.

Mr. de Miranda seeks to build and strengthen internal community supports by promoting self-determination and self-confidence in youth and teens. Before coming to the Child Mind Institute, Mr. de Miranda provided mindfulness and impulse management skill building workshops to youth in residential and juvenile justice settings. He has also spent time working with youth and families impacted by county child welfare offices. Mr. de Miranda is dedicated to ensuring that all children and families have access to the behavioral health supports they need to thrive.


  • Program Manager, Niroga Institute, Oakland, CA
  • Protective Services Worker, Human Service Agency, CA


  • Social Work Intern, Rally Family Visitation Center, San Mateo, CA
  • Protective Services Worker Intern, Human Service Agency, San Francisco, CA
  • RYT-300, Patanjali International Yoga Foundation, Rishikesh, India


  • MSW, Social Work, San Jose State University
  • BA, English and Linguistics, Dartmouth College