Emma Andrus, MSc

Research Assistant, Healthy Brain Network

Child Mind Institute

Emma Andrus is a research assistant for the Healthy Brain Network. Before joining the Child Mind Institute, Emma graduated from New York University with a degree in psychology and neuroscience. During her time as an undergraduate, she developed a love for children while volunteering for organizations to help kids with special learning and psychological needs. She then completed a master’s degree in clinical neurodevelopmental sciences at King’s College in London, where she wrote her dissertation investigating biomarkers for autism through diffusion tractography imaging. Emma is passionate about early intervention for learning and psychological disorders, and hopes to pursue doctoral studies in neuroscience to investigate the brain’s role in psychological development. As a research assistant at the Child Mind Institute, Emma is responsible for enrolling participants and administering and scoring assessments.


  • BA, Psychology & Neuroscience, New York University
  • MSc, Clinical Neurodevelopmental Science, King’s College London