Nanditha Rajamani

Assistant Research Scientist, Computational Neuroimaging Lab

Child Mind Institute

Nanditha Rajamani, MS, is an assistant research scientist in the Computational Neuroimaging Lab at the Child Mind Institute. Her role is to maintain and possibly develop the existing C-PAC software developed by the CMI to consolidate extensive fMRI analysis into a single, efficient and user-friendly pipeline.

Throughout her education Ms. Nanditha has been interested in working with computational neuroscience laboratories to build models and analyze data to understand disease complexity. Her previous work experience involved developing statistical models for raw EEG data, and algorithms for time series EEG data. She completed her undergraduate studies in Bangalore, India. At Georgia Tech, her team of five graduate students were presented with an award for the “best project idea” for developing a pen that could detect and provide rehabilitation for patients with Parkinsons disease or essential tremors.


  • MS, Computational Science and Engineering, Georgia Tech University