Priscilla Morrison, PsyD

Clinical Neuropsychologist, Learning and Development Center

Child Mind Institute



  • Terence Byrnes , Operations Manager

    650 931-6501

  • Priscilla Morrison, PsyD, is a clinical neuropsychologist in the Learning and Development Center at the Child Mind Institute.  She specializes in the neuropsychological evaluation of children and adolescents with a variety of cognitive, behavioral, and social-emotional challenges.  Dr. Morrison works with families to better understand their child’s strengths in order to support areas of difficulty.  She provides recommendations to help families, school staff, therapists, and other professionals collaborate to facilitate positive growth and development for each child.

    Throughout her training, Dr. Morrison has worked with children with a variety of neurodevelopmental concerns, including attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, autism spectrum disorder and learning difficulties.  She also has considerable experience evaluating children with co-occurring medical conditions, including epilepsy, brain tumors, leukemia, genetic syndromes, cardiac conditions, and prematurity.  In addition, she has provided cognitive behavioral therapy to treat mood concerns and behavioral challenges.

    Dr. Morrison has conducted research comparing different measures of attention and evaluating a relationship education program for young adults.  She has also collaborated on research to assess neuropsychological functioning in epilepsy patients pre- and post-laser ablation.  Other research interests include mindfulness practice and the impact on professional quality of life.  Dr. Morrison has also been actively involved in training graduate students.