Tanith Carey

A British author who writes regularly on parenting and social trends, Tanith Carey offers insightful analysis of the issues affecting families today. Her seven parenting books have tackled a range of subjects from children’s relationships in “The Friendship Maze” to how help our daughters face the challenges of the porn culture in “Girls, Uninterrupted.” She lives in London and has two daughters, age 17 and 14.

In  ”Taming the Tiger Parent,” Carey offers the big picture on how the relentless pressure parents feel to enable their children to succeed, according to a very narrow definition of success, is endangering children’s wellbeing and our relationships with them. This provocative book also offers practical advice on how to nurture young people (not stress them out), how to help them develop the resilience they will need to face the challenges ahead, and how to have a more relaxed and enjoyable family life.