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Anna Kloots Dares to Share

May 28, 2022

Anna Kloots dares to share her story about struggling with grief and loss

Speaking up about challenges opens the door to help and healing. The Dare to Share campaign features personal videos from celebrities and kids sharing their experiences with mental health challenges and opening up about what we gain when we #DareToShare.

Learn more at Dare to Share.

As I started to share, I realized that I wasn't alone, that the feelings I was having were normal, that other people were still having those feelings from their loss, from their grief, from their anxiety. And it made me realize that there was a community of people around me who all were in the same boat that I was, and then we were able to help each other.

Anna Kloots

About Anna Kloots

Anna Kloots is an American writer, content creator, and photographer living in Paris, France. She is also the co-owner of HOORAY FOR, a fashion brand that celebrates the little things in life and gives back to NGOs. Anna spent a decade traveling living and traveling in over 83 countries across 6 continents before settling in Paris. Her work has been featured by ​Conde Nast Traveller, ​The New York Daily News, Reader’s Digest, and The LA Times. Despite the many challenges she has faced: divorce, death, and loss – her joie de vivre is unwavering. Anna writes personal essays and memoir and does live readings on her IGTV channel.

Speaking up is important, but it can also be hard. These resources can help:

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