Coping During COVID: Helping Teens Weather the Storm

Helpful videos and guides from Child Mind Institute clinicians for parents and teens struggling with mental health during COVID-19.

The coronavirus stopped the world in its tracks, causing stress and anxiety for everyone, including adolescents and young adults. Therefore, the Child Mind Institute is teaming up with Blue Shield of California to provide digital mental health guides and videos to support young people as a part of their BlueSky youth mental health initiative. These guides help parents have conversations about issues facing young people during the pandemic including anxiety, depression, trauma, racism and LGBTQIA+ mental health.


All teens and young adults feel anxious sometimes but when anxiety is persistent, out of control or starts interfering with daily activities, it’s time to get help.


The effects of trauma in a teenager or young adult can be hard to identify, especially during this time when stress levels are high and usual forms of coping and support have been upended.


When everyone is struggling to stay upbeat during the crisis, it can be difficult to tell if your teen or young adult is sliding into depression.

LGBTQIA+ Mental Health

For many in the LGBTQIA + community, the stress, pressure and isolation of the pandemic have been uniquely challenging.

Talking About Racism

Racism is deeply imbedded in our society. Still, change is possible, and teens and young adults are leading the charge. And their parents and caregivers have a big role to play.

These mental health guides and videos are brought to you in partnership with:

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