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Anxiety Disorders Center

Support of Anxious Refusal in Schools (SOARS)

Learn more about why your child is refusing school

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What is SOARS?

The Child Mind Institute’s Support of Anxious Refusal in Schools (SOARS) program provides support for caregivers and educators trying to help children who avoid school due to anxiety and other issues. Participants will learn about the underlying causes as well as evidence-based strategies to help children face their struggles, utilizing a gradual, supportive and collaborative approach.

Who can SOARS help?

Anyone working with children and teens who:

  • Are nervous or worried about going to school
  • Try to stay home from school when possible
  • Leave school early or frequently calls parent from school
  • Often feel sick or visit the school nurse with complaints of physical ailments
  • Become emotionally dysregulated when thinking or talking about school
  • Avoid homework or have increased anxiety around the topic

What does SOARS teach?

The program discusses:

  • Anxiety and its symptoms in children and teens
  • The functions of school refusal
  • The cycle of negative reinforcement and parent accommodations
  • Evidence-based strategies and treatment options for school refusal
  • How to create a comprehensive and individualized treatment plan to transition back into an academic environment

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