2017 Summer Program

The Child Mind Institute Summer Program is a three-week summer treatment program for children ages five through nine who have ADHD or who need help with behavioral, learning and social issues. If your family is seeking to jumpstart progress during the summer or maintain gains made during the school year, this program is designed to help meet those goals while also providing a fun summer camp experience tailored to your child’s particular needs.

Children participating in the program will benefit from a higher level of support and expertise from their counselors as they work on goals including:

      • Developing and maintaining positive peer relationships
      • Improving emotional awareness and regulation
      • Maintaining academic progress

Hallmarks of Our Program


Individual Attention

Each child will have an individualized set of goals based on his or her needs. Our 1:3 counselor to child ratio and small group sizes allow counselors to provide frequent feedback and real-time interventions in order to facilitate behavior change. If your child is currently seeing a mental health professional, we will ask for your permission to speak with that clinician.

Specialized Instruction

The Child Mind Institute Summer Program staff includes teachers who are experienced in working with students who have learning and attentional issues. Before the program begins we will ask for your permission to contact your child’s current teachers to learn more about your child. We will perform a learning assessment in order to put together a plan for ensuring the camp’s academic work is tailored to your child’s needs and abilities. Child Mind Institute Summer Program teachers will help children maintain academic progress to prevent lag and provide parents with guidelines for how to help children continue to succeed after the program has ended.

Peer Learning

Children will have the opportunity for live practice in a supportive group environment as they work on age-appropriate social skills such as:

      • Problem-solving
      • Learning to play on a team
      • Engaging in structured recreational activities with peers (i.e., soccer, kickball, tee-ball)
      • Interacting appropriately with adults

Parent Involvement

We offer weekly parent training groups focused on helping families learn strategies to reinforce progress at home and continue making gains after the program has ended. Grandparents, babysitters, nannies and other caregivers are invited to participate in the training groups. Parents will also receive daily feedback about their child’s progress during the program.

Follow-up Care

Each family will be provided with customized recommendations for learning and behavioral skills to continue working on after the camp ends.

Child Mind Institute Summer Program families are encouraged to participate in an additional one-day booster session on Tuesday, September 5, 2017. Many children will experience this session as a camp reunion. Families may also work with the Child Mind Institute to receive parent training for help with managing behaviors at home, school consultation to develop a consistent behavior plan in the classroom, or individual support for your child. Follow-up care can be provided for an additional cost.


A major objective of the Child Mind Institute Summer Program is to ensure kids are having fun and feeling good about themselves in addition to learning skills. Children who struggle with ADHD or behavioral, learning or social issues can often have low self-esteem. The Child Mind Institute Summer Program is a supportive environment for children working on skills together while receiving lots of positive feedback, praise and rewards for the gains that they make. Children can also look forward to field trips, special guest visitors and typical camp activities like group cheers, art projects, games and fun outside.

The program is directed by Mandi Silverman, PsyD, MBA, and Michelle Kaplan, LCSW.



Monday, July 10 through Friday, July 28, 2017 from 9:00am to 3:00pm.

Parent training groups will meet on Thursdays from 9:30am to 11:00am.


The Windward School, 212 East 93rd Street, New York, NY


Children between the ages of five and nine years old who need help with behavioral, learning and social issues are invited to attend the Child Mind Institute Summer Program.


$5,000 for the three-week program.

$100 nonrefundable application fee.

Parent training sessions are included in the program fee. Caregivers and educators are also welcome to attend at no cost. Please note that payment must be received in full to reserve a space in the Child Mind Institute Summer Program. Upon acceptance of your application, we will hold your child’s spot in the program for five business days. If you miss the five day window, please contact us and we will let you know if space is available.

Cancellation Policy

If a child cannot attend and we are notified within 30 days prior to the start date of the program we will issue a refund, excluding a $300 non-refundable deposit for administrative fees. At the time of registration full payment is required to reserve a space. If less than 30 days notification is given, no refund will be provided.


Contact Caroline Mendel, PsyD, at summerprogram@childmind.org or 646-625-4321 if you have any questions.

Learn more about this program in our Frequently Asked Questions.

Our Team

Mandi Silverman, PsyD, MBA
Mandi Silverman, PsyD, MBA

Clinical Psychologist, ADHD and Behavior Disorders Center

Child Mind Institute

Michelle S. Kaplan, LCSW
Michelle S. Kaplan, LCSW

Clinical Social Worker, ADHD and Behavior Disorders Center

Child Mind Institute

Caroline Axelrod Mendel, PsyD
Caroline Axelrod Mendel, PsyD

Associate Psychologist, ADHD and Behavior Disorders Center

Child Mind Institute

Jillian C. DiPietro, LMSW
Jillian DiPietro, LMSW

Social Worker, ADHD and Behavior Disorders Center

Child Mind Institute