Intensive Behavior Treatment

For children with severe symptoms or families traveling long distances for treatment, we offer intensive interventions with highly specialized behavioral approaches. Depending on the need, this treatment option allows a child and his parents to be seen for several hours a day, several days a week.

Intensive treatment can have a big impact in a short period of time. Our intensive program compresses a large portion of treatment typically done on a weekly basis into a 1-2 week period. Our clinicians spend up to four hours a day with parents, teaching skills and doing live coaching. During treatment, clinicians work with families in the office, and they also accompany families for meals and on outings such as shopping or visiting the park — occasions when children might struggle with their behavior. This approach enables our clinicians to be on hand for training in the moment when parents need it, providing extra opportunities for practical instruction.

Multidisciplinary Treatment

Children who have co-occurring mental health or learning issues can also participate in testing or treatment to address their multiple needs during this program. Every child will have a diagnostic intake evaluation as part of the intensive treatment program and may also be able to arrange neuropsychological testing, psychiatric consultation or consultation with additional specialists as appropriate.

Follow-up Care

Following intensive treatment, Child Mind Institute clinicians work with each family to develop a transition plan for ongoing mental health support. Local families who require active care can elect to continue working with our team, or we can help refer to other treatment providers. For families who have traveled long distances for treatment, our clinicians can aid in connecting to community providers. Our staff may also be available on a time-limited basis for consultation or training for school staff.

To make an appointment, call us at 212.308.3118 or request an appointment online.

Our Team

David Anderson, PhD
David Anderson, PhD

Vice President, School and Community Programs

Child Mind Institute

Jeincy Duarte, PsyD, BCBA
Jeincy Duarte, PsyD, BCBA

Clinical Psychologist, ADHD and Behavior Disorders Center

Child Mind Institute

Michelle S. Kaplan, LCSW
Michelle S. Kaplan, LCSW

Director, Summer Program; Licensed Clinical Social Worker, School and Community Programs; Licensed Clinical Social Worker, ADHD and Behavior Disorders Center

Child Mind Institute

Lee Stephanie CMI
Stephanie A. Lee, PsyD

Senior Director of the ADHD and Behavior Disorders Center

Child Mind Institute

Caroline Axelrod Mendel, PsyD
Caroline Axelrod Mendel, PsyD

Manager of Clinical Services, School and Community Programs, Clinical Psychologist, ADHD and Behavior Disorders Center

Child Mind Institute