Parents of Anxious Children and Teens Training (PACT)

The Child Mind Institute’s Parents of Anxious Children and Teens (PACT) online webinar series provides families and caretakers with evidence-based, practical strategies for supporting children and teens ages 3-13 struggling with anxiety. This series will provide parents with an introduction to anxiety and how it manifests in children as well as specific tools and strategies to help their children begin facing their fears and manage anxiety symptoms.

The PACT webinar series will include 4 hours of pre-recorded webinars plus an optional live 60-minute parent consultation on August 26th at 1pm EST with Amanda Greenspan, LCSW. The parent consultation will be a 60-minute live Q & A where parents will have the opportunity to ask questions and receive guidance in individualizing these techniques and strategies.

The Child Mind Institute’s PACT program is appropriate for parents and caregivers of children and teens struggling with anxiety who would benefit from learning more about:

  • Anxiety and how it can manifest
  • Evidence-based approaches to treating anxiety
  • Ways to support children and teens by learning techniques to help your child face their fears
  • Managing parental distress
  • Tips for supporting anxious children and teens through the COVID-19 crisis

Registration options:

  1. Full PACT Webinar Series (4 hours) including 60 minute live parent consultation $300
  2. PACT Webinar Series (4 hours) without parent consultation $200


Cancellation Policy

If a participant cannot attend a session after registering for it, a refund will be given provided the cancellation is made 30 days prior to the date of the program. If less than 30 days notice is provided, we will not be able to extend a refund.

No refunds will be given for the purchase of the webinar series.

Please reach out with any questions to Lillian Hertzberg at 646.863.5408 or at

Our Team

Greenspan Amanda CMI
Amanda Greenspan, LCSW

Clinical Social Worker, Anxiety Disorders Center

Child Mind Institute