Educator Webinar Series

Our Healing-Centered and Trauma-Informed School Support webinar series provides educators with guidance related to specific challenges that they and their students are facing, along with practical strategies to address these issues.

  • Trauma-Informed and Healing-Centered School Spaces

    The COVID-19 pandemic has brought rapid and unprecedented changes in the lives of students, school faculty/staff, and families. This workshop will provide an overview of stress and trauma, a discussion of risks posed by COVID-19, and suggested strategies that can be immediately applied in supporting students through re-entry to school this fall. The workshop will also include an introduction to the concept of healing-centered engagement, which focuses not only on solutions for the traumatized individual, but also provides a practical framework for schools to continue to develop as healing communities.

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  • Whole Community Support for Student Mental Health

    COVID-19 presents many challenges for people of all ages, but for children with pre-existing mental health disorders, it is particularly difficult. This workshop will review common mental health trends during the pandemic, signs and symptoms that educators can watch for in their students, and a wide range of recommendations for support to help students navigate current challenges. Importantly, presenters will also discuss when to know that a student needs help beyond what an educator can provide and how to engage the larger community in facilitating wellness.

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  • Utilizing the Strengths of the Student-Teacher Relationship to Manage Anxiety and Behavior

    When students and staff return to school this fall, school will be very different from what they have ever experienced. After being at home for months, experiencing the myriad effects of the pandemic, and managing new regulations around social distancing and mask wearing, both students and educators may experience anxiety and behavioral changes. This workshop will help school staff to understand and to be prepared with tools to assist students in managing their own anxiety and behavior in the context of COVID-related transitions. Additionally, presenters will highlight relationship-building processes that educators can utilize to provide an empathic base of support during challenging times.

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  • Coping During COVID-19: Daily Stress Management Techniques for Educators

    In discussions of school reopening, educator self-care has never been more critically important. By examining the connections amongst and between our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, this workshop will address the challenges the pandemic poses to educator mental health and wellness, reviewing a collection of skills that school staff can use to manage their own stress and support their students.

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  • Setting Students Up for Success in Distance Learning

    Student engagement is a recurring concern for educators, and digital learning has presented unique obstacles. Increasing student motivation while improving work completion has been at the forefront of educators’ minds. This workshop will provide tangible, evidence-based strategies to help keep your students interested, engaged, and eager to participate in academic content.

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  • D75/D79 Workshop: Practical Strategies for Supporting Student Mental Health

    This webinar will cover a variety of COVID-relevant, evidence-based strategies and healing centered practices to promote wellness for specialized educational settings such as District 75 and District 79 classrooms. The webinar will also include a live Q&A and discussion with presenters for strategies discussed and to share best practices.

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