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The Generous Minds Society

At the Child Mind Institute, our work is made possible by the commitment and generosity of people who share our belief that a world where all children have access to the mental health support they need is not only possible, but urgently necessary.

Our Generous Minds Society recognizes support from donors at four levels – Unlocking Minds, Transforming Minds, Changing Minds and Expanding Minds – all of which are critical to sustaining our efforts across clinical care, science and public education.

Alongside the knowledge that their gift is creating a brighter future for children and families, Generous Minds Society members receive acknowledgement in our annual report, donor impact newsletters and invitations to events including our Spring and Fall LuncheonsAnnual Benefit, and Summer Seminars.

Your gift allows our researchers to use the latest in neuroscience, technology and data analytics to advance our understanding of the developing brain, with a view to developing the diagnoses and treatments of tomorrow.

The Child Mind Institute’s Healthy Brain Network study helped us understand how our teenage son was wired, which in turn helped us give him the tools and confidence to succeed in school and beyond. Their psychologists and clinicians were first rate and the study’s diagnostic testing was comprehensive. They made what could have been a scary experience into a journey to greater understanding of our son.
Father of Healthy Brain Network participant

Your gift allows children who would otherwise be unable to access care to receive a full course of treatment supported by financial aid at the Child Mind Institute.

My anxiety was honestly terrifying: a really awful and scary experience. At the Child Mind Institute, Dr. Bubrick gave me tools and taught me a lot of things. Overall, everything was just better afterwards. If I hadn’t found the Child Mind Institute, I’d still be having a lot of anxiety. I don’t know if the thoughts would have taken me, but I’d still be extremely deep in anxiety. I just can’t thank the Child Mind Institute enough.
Brady Frye, an 8th grader from South Carolina who received intensive in-person and ongoing telehealth treatment supported by financial aid

Your gift sustains the delivery of evidence-based trauma, mood, behavior and learning interventions to students at public schools in New York City and the San Francisco Bay Area, all at no cost to schools.

The Child Mind Institute’s School and Community Programs services are filling a need in our district, particularly during the pandemic. Being able to expand our resources to identify the disproportionate number of kids who face traumas stemming from things like migration, violence, drug use or parents who struggle with mental illness, then provide specialized supports to those kids, has been truly invaluable.
Gina Sudaria, Superintendent, Ravenswood City School District

Your gift supports the creation of free, bilingual evidence-based resources on children’s mental health and learning disorders that help millions of caregivers and educators better understand and respond to children’s needs.

The Child Mind Institute offers a constant blast of emails full of helpful information that has allowed me to grow as a person and father and aided me in helping my children. There is no instruction book to parenting, but the Child Mind Institute have provided a guidepost and so much more.
Kevin Williams, childmind.org user and donor

Donate or learn more by contacting Perrin Bernard at perrin.bernard@childmind.org or 646.791.2141.

The services listed here are part of the Child Mind Institute’s offerings across clinical and community care, science and public education. Your donation will be used to cover program and general operating expenses, including but not limited to the above examples. If you would like to designate your gift to a specific program area, please contact at perrin.bernard@childmind.org or 646.791.2141.