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November 14, 2022

Learning how to form peer relationships is a critical skill for kids, and one that they will be using — and refining — all their lives.

Some kids have a harder time making these connections, particularly children with social and behavioral disorders like ADHD or autism spectrum disorder. While parents can’t make friends for their children, they can help them develop and practice key social skills.

That’s where the Child Mind Institute can help. Our Children’s Friendship Training program (highlighted below) provides evidence-based clinical care in a supportive environment where children and their caregivers practice important socialization skills among peers.

To learn more about treatment options or to schedule an evaluation, please reach out to us today.

Matthew Cruger, PhD
Associate Clinical Director; Clinical Neuropsychologist


Children’s Friendship Training

Children’s Friendship Training (CFT) is a 10-week evidence-based social skills program for elementary school children who experience difficulties making or keeping friends. During each group session, children are taught important social skills and practice them during socialization activities.

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Sensory Processing FAQ

Kids with sensory processing issues experience too much or too little stimulation through their senses. They may also have difficulty integrating sensory information — for example, things that they see and hear simultaneously, like a person speaking, might seem out of sync for them. These problems can be tough on kids and get in the way of their learning, friendships, and daily lives.

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Autism Evaluations

The Autism Center provides comprehensive evaluations for autism and related neurodevelopmental disorders using the gold standard diagnostic tools for autism, the ADI-R and ADOS-2.

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Clinical Programs

The Child Mind Institute’s clinical programs provide evidence-based services targeting specific skills in a tailored environment.

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