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Helping Kids Handle Transitions

May 3, 2024

Change can be hard for anyone, but it’s particularly difficult for kids. Transitions — whether it’s between activities, places, or objects of attention — often require us to stop doing something we enjoy to do something we need to. This can cause children to act out, especially if they have emotional or developmental challenges.

That’s why this week at, we explore why kids have a hard time with transitions and how parents can guide them through it. Big transitions, such as moving, getting a new sibling, or divorce, can be stressful and disruptive for children who thrive on routine. We provide advice on talking to your child about moving and how to make relocation more comfortable for them. We explore how to prepare kids for the arrival of a new child in the family. And since divorce can be a painful process for both parent and child, we discuss how to make space for your child’s feelings while also getting support for yourself. Finally, we explore what to do if a child isn’t responding well to a big change and may need extra help to rebound.

– Faith Wilkins, Staff Writer | 

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