At Home Activities

Movement Breaks and Home Exercise for kids and families:

GoNoodle provides fun, free movement and mindfulness videos with a focus on wellness and increasing socio-emotional health for kids age 5-12. The videos are super interactive and fun for kids to do along with parents. Both web and app versions are available.

Instructional while also providing a movement break. Reviews K-2 math and reading material paired with movement exercises.

Yoga and mindfulness for kids, ages 3+. Uses familiar stories and characters for kids to connect with while encouraging movement and mindfulness. Kids learn about feelings and practice breathing techniques to reduce anxiety. Also offers five-minute brain breaks for a quick burst of yoga and yoga disco to help kids get their wiggles out. Best accessed on YouTube for a variety of free videos.

Yoga paired with music. Free 60-day unlimited access to the first 500 users who request it. Additional requests will be added to a waitlist. Or, get a 14-day free trial or give a donation and receive 60-day unlimited access.

Smarten Up NYC, a New York City based educational tutoring organization, is offering free daily online workshops for children across all grades. The workshops include a twice daily read-aloud, foundational writing skills workshop, phonics classes, creative writing workshop, origami, Yoga, and meditation.

Just Dance 3 has multiple fun dance workouts on YouTube for free

Smile and Learn is a Youtube channel with videos designed by teachers with short (less than 10 minute) yoga videos designed for kids

Alo Yoga has yoga classes designed for parents to do with their kids

Free Yoga Programs for parents and older kids

Kids in sports is offering daily at home sports and exercise activities for free on their Facebook page

Popsugar does family friendly cardio workout designed for kids

Early Childhood Activities (under 5)

Ideas for (relatively) independent play

KhanKids App: Designed for ages 2-7. Has several educational games, videos, audio books across a range of subjects (e.g., early reading skills, numbers/counting, logic, nature, social/emotional learning, drawing and coloring, tracing letters.)

GoNoodle Videos: Available through an app and on their website. 100s of free movement and mindfulness videos designed for children 4-10. No ads or in-app purchases. Most videos are 1-3 minutes long. There are also a few compilations videos called “indoor recess” that last 15-20 minutes.

GoNoodle Games: A free app that is separate from the video only app described above. Also designed for kids aged 4-10 with no ads or in-app purchases. Mini-games that require movement to play. Device must have a forward-facing camera. Kids move around to “collect” stars, “pop” bubbles, etc.

Youtube Kids: The app has great parent control options that can be customized for each kid and saved. You can select content by age or only allow access to videos that you have pre-selected. You are able to see what your child has watched, after the fact. Can also set a timer that will lock the app after a pre-determined amount of time to force the child to take a break. Content age ranges include “4 and under”, and “5-7”.