Educational Games and Videos


  • PBS kids offers a variety of educational categories from games including school subjects (math, science, social studies, reading, ABC’s, music, shapes, problem solving, measurements, Spanish, etc.) as well as games about feelings, coloring, adventure, animals, dinosaurs, etc.)

  • Over 200 online games for reading/writing practice. Can filter by grade, subject, and unit.

  • Several reading-oriented games. There are additional resources for other subjects and grade levels.

  • Starfall has fun games and activities for Language Arts, Music, and Math, all available online, for children in Pre-K to 3rd Grade.

  • Read with Phonics has plenty of games available across platforms (Apple, Google Play, Amazon) for teaching children how to read using phonics.


  • 8 writing games and activities that are not online. Most only require paper and pencils, and encourage creativity and learning.

  • Printable Mad Libs! There are many categories (with specific school topics and general fun categories), and they’re all printable!
  • Print sight word cards to play various games with (e.g., bingo, go fish, tic-tac-toe, etc.). There is also an option to create your own sight words

Features school themed worksheets:


  • Provides over 400 fun and educational games for grades PreK through 6. Click on your child’s grade level, and there will be numerous age appropriate games focusing on words, math, holidays, strategy, and skills.

  • Over 600 online games. Can filter by grade, subject, and unit within each subject. Detailed descriptions including instructions, and what mathematical skill the game targets.

  • Math games organized by grade and subject.

  • ProdigyGame is a free math learning platform that is accessible to parents, students, and schools.


  • After choosing your desired grade level, you’ll have access to a number of educational videos, articles, books, and activities.

  • Several “How To” videos with several fun art projects for kids

  • Fun science videos for grades K-8

  • Links to additional educational resources including recommendations for various educational YouTube channels for kids

  • Khan Academy offers a number of free educational resources for students of all ages, and also has sample schedules that parents can adapt to help them structure their days.

  • BrainPop has a number of different videos and activities online categorized by subject area and content. and