What to Look For

Signs someone may have eating disorder:

  • Serious weight loss: Losing a lot of weight, especially in a short period of time
  • Obsession with body image: Constant worry about gaining weight, counting calories or avoiding food ingredients that might be “fattening”
  • Body loathing: Being preoccupied with how “fat” she is, or comparing her body negatively to others’
  • Perfectionism: Taking the normal desire to do well, and to look nice, to an extreme. She must have a 4.0, has to look flawless or needs to be first on the team.
  • Excessive exercising: Spending hours running on the treadmill to “work off” a small snack, or insists on going jogging outside even when she’s sick or the weather’s bad.
  • Food avoidance: Skipping meals or parties where eating or drinking are the main event
  • Hiding and lying: Wearing baggy clothes to hide weight loss and always saying she’s had a big breakfast or is in “too much of a hurry” to eat