Other Resources

For more information on PANS and PANDAS, we recommend these resources:

PANDAS Physicians Network

This resource for physicians and medical professionals publishes consensus treatment protocols and guidelines for PANDAS. These guidelines were developed by the Diagnostic and Therapeutics subcommittee composed of PANDAS/PANS clinicians and researchers from medical institutions including Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Columbia, Georgetown and the National Institute of Mental Health. PPN also offers an archive of published studies on PANDAS/PANS.

National Institute of Mental Health 

The NIMH offers an extensive information sheet about PANDAS/PANS, including history, diagnostic criteria, treatment options, and a list of research papers.

The International OCD Foundation 

The IOCDF offers detailed information about PANDAS/PANS from diagnosis to treatment.

PANDAS Network

This non-profit organization founded by parents offers information and advocacy to improve the lives of children with PANDAS/PANS.