Schizophrenia: Treatment

The recommended treatment for schizophrenia, called Coordinated Specialty Care, involves a combination of services coordinated by a group of professionals working with the patient and the family. This treatment, within the first two to three years after a patient’s initial psychotic episode, has been shown to decrease relapses of psychosis by more than 50 percent and prevent much of the disability associated with a psychotic illness.

Elements of the treatment include:

  • Low doses of antipsychotic medication
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy for psychosis (CBTp)
  • Family education and support
  • Educational and vocational rehabilitation

Unlike the old standard treatment for schizophrenia, which involved higher doses of medication and no follow-up after hospitalization, the goal of early treatment is not only to reduce psychotic symptoms, but also to help young people learn to manage them and to construct a support network to prevent relapse.


Early Treatment for Schizophrenia Improves Outcomes

How Does CBTp Help People With Psychosis?