Participate in “My Younger Self”

Share your experience and help young people struggling with mental health and learning disorders.

Participate in “My Younger Self”

If you grew up with a mental health or learning disorder—or if you are growing up right now with one of these disorders— we need you to share your strength and hope. It can make a difference for the millions of young people who struggle. Be a part of the #MyYoungerSelf anti-stigma campaign, launching soon.

It’s easy! All we need is a 30-60 second video about what you’d tell your younger self if you could go back and share some advice.

Before you make your video, check out these simple guidelines. You can also watch a sample video from last year.

When you share your story about growing up with a mental health or learning disorder, you’ll join a movement of peers and prominent individuals and help us launch the 2018 #MyYoungerSelf campaign. Together we can spark a national conversation and speak up for kids!

Ready to send in your video?

Please provide the information below so we can contact you about your participation in #MyYoungerSelf. We won’t share this info, and will not contact you about other matters.