Education and Outreach

Through our Speak Up for Kids campaign and other education and outreach initiatives we are spreading the word: childhood mental health and learning disorders are real, common and treatable.

The core of our public education and outreach mission is empowering parents, arming them with the information they need to make good decisions when seeking care for their children.

We want to help parents recognize when it may be valuable to seek a professional opinion and understand the importance of not delaying treatment — because we know that the earlier the intervention the more successful the outcome. For that reason we also work to reduce the stigma of getting help.

Above all, we want to help families and educators have open, honest conversations about mental health and learning disorders and work together to see our children succeed.

We do this in three ways:

1. Developing free online tools and resources. The website isn’t just the home of the Child Mind Institute online — it’s a deep well of information and resources we provide for parents, teachers and others in the community who need to understand how to help children struggling with a mental health or learning disorder.

2. Producing high-impact public information campaigns. Our yearly Speak Up for Kids campaign, the annual celebration of the Change Maker Awards and the release of the Child Mind Institute’s annual Children’s Mental Health Report are making a difference in the lives of kids and families. Raising our voices lets struggling young people know it’s okay to ask for help and gets accurate information into the hands of families.

3. Forging alliances so more families find our tools and resources. Our partnerships with nonprofit education and advocacy groups, professional organizations and socially responsible corporate partners help our information and awareness campaigns reach a broader range of communities with a shared interest in the health and well-being of our children.