The Grieve Family Stress and Resilience Fund

The Grieve Family Stress and Resilience Fund at the Child Mind Institute was established to honor the memory of Florence "Flo" Brogan Grieve and help bring compassionate, evidence-based mental health care to children of parents who are serving or have served in the US armed forces.

When we talk about the sacrifices made by the members of our armed forces, we often forget to include the sacrifice made by their children. More than 700,000 children in the United States have parents who’ve been away from home for prolonged deployments—often in war zones and often more than once. It’s well documented that the stress of these deployments on children results in an increase in behavioral and emotional problems. Add to that the disruption of moving every few years, which creates uncertainty and change for kids who naturally crave stability.

When children are under extreme or prolonged stress, timely support and intervention can make the difference between developing healthy resilience or slipping into dysfunctional behaviors.

Flo Grieve was a lifelong supporter of military veterans and believed strongly that we must ensure the children of military families have access to the kind of care that will allow them to reach their full potential.

The Grieve Family Stress and Resilience Fund enables the Child Mind Institute to educate the public about the stresses on children in military families, to offer advice and support to military families, and to provide evidence-based clinical treatment to alleviate suffering.  Learn more about our support for military families.

We thank all donors who generously choose to honor Flo Grieve’s life and legacy by supporting a cause that was so meaningful to her.