Rising Scientist Awards FAQ

1. Can a school nominate more than one student?
Yes. A school may nominate more than one student.

2. Is the Rising Scientist Awards open to all high school students?
No. The program is open only to students in the 11th grade at a school located within 50 miles of New York City.

3. Can a student nominate himself or herself for a Rising Scientist Award?
No. Nominations must be submitted by a school faculty member or school administrator.

4. Do I have to fill out the online nomination form in its entirety?
Yes. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

5. Can additional materials be submitted to support a student’s nomination?
Yes. You are invited to submit materials such as research papers, presentations, or articles that feature the nominee’s relevant accomplishments. Additional supporting materials can be submitted via email to risingscientists@childmind.org or you can include links in the designated area inside the nomination form.

6. When can nominations be submitted for the 2020 Rising Scientists Awards?
The deadline for nominations is August 24th, 2020.

7. Does the student have to attend an event to receive a Rising Scientist Award?
Yes. Rising Scientist winners (and a school representative) are expected to attend an awards ceremony. Date to be announced.

8. Does the prize include a financial award?
Yes. Winning students will receive a $2,000 scholarship for college expenses.

9. Are there restrictions on how the Rising Scientist Awards can be used?
Yes. The Rising Scientist Awards scholarship must be used for educational expenses (i.e., costs associated with college or university tuition and fees, school supplies, equipment or books.)

10. When will students be notified about the 2020 Rising Scientist Awards?
Student winners and their school nominators will be notified in early September 2020.