Depressive and Mood Disorders

Mood Disorders and Teenage Girls

Why they are more vulnerable than boys, and what signs and symptoms you should look for

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Behavior Problems

How Can We Help Kids With Self-Regulation?

Some kids need help learning to control their emotions, and resist impulsive behavior

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44 Children’s Books About Mental Health

Best books for helping kids understand emotional and learning challenges

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Learning and Development Disorders

Understanding Dyslexia

Know the signs and how to help kids with the most common learning disability

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Mood Disorders Center

The Mood Disorders Center at the Child Mind Institute offers cutting edge, tailored treatment services for children and adolescents suffering from mood disorders and related concerns, including depressive disorders, bipolar disorder, disruptive mood dysregulation disorder, suicidality and self-harm, and emotional dysregulation.

Behavior Problems

How to Help Children Calm Down

Techniques for helping kids regulate their emotions and avoid explosive behavior


The Power of Mindfulness

How a meditation practice can help kids become less anxious, more focused

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