What Is Social Anxiety?

When worry about how you appear to others, and fear of embarrassment, get in the way of functioning

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Tips for Managing Social Anxiety

For teenagers who are shyer than they'd like to be, some strategies for beating social anxiety.

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Anxiety Disorders Center

When children struggle with anxiety disorders, they can experience distress and dysfunction in every sphere of life. Despite potential to achieve in school and the desire to form strong, rewarding relationships with family and friends, their symptoms can interfere with their abilities, needs and dreams. The Child Mind Institute’s Anxiety Disorders Center specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of the full range of anxiety disorders and our clinicians feel comfortable treating the most difficult cases.

Media and Tech

Does Social Media Cause Depression?

How heavy Instagram and Facebook use may be affecting kids negatively

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Depressive and Mood Disorders

Mood Disorders and Teenage Girls

Why they are more vulnerable than boys, and what signs and symptoms you should look for

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Back to School Anxiety

How to help kids manage worries and have a successful start to the school year

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The Power of Mindfulness

How a meditation practice can help kids become less anxious, more focused

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Back to School Dos and Don’ts

Transitioning kids, especially those who are anxious, back into school takes skill, compassion, and a keen parental eye.