Center for the Developing Brain

Integrating cutting-edge neuroscience and child psychiatry to understand how mental illness works in the brain, the Center is a hub of discovery.

The Center for the Developing Brain is the hub of the Child Mind Institute’s research activity. Bringing together leading scientists and researchers from across disciplines, the Center is at the forefront of neuroscience efforts to find objective biological measures of mental illness in the developing brain.

Studies such as the Healthy Brain Network and the Clinical-Research Integration project are changing the way scientists and clinicians understand and treat children struggling with mental health and learning disorders. By freely sharing data with researchers around the world, developing software for analysis and applying clinical experience to treatment development, the Center is realizing tangible goals that are moving quickly towards discoveries that will help children. Soon the work of the Center will lead to earlier diagnosis, better matching treatments to individual cases and creating new and better interventions to transform children’s lives.