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Global Open Science

Building a Culture of Data-Sharing to Accelerate Discovery

Global Open Science

Unlike academic researchers who face pressure to publish, or researchers at for-profit companies who must look to the bottom line, we are both independent and non-profit. Our only concern is to develop the science that will transform children’s lives. But we can’t do it alone. To grow our movement, we partner with institutions globally to build a culture of open science.

We collect massive amounts of information to fuel discovery science, and we freely share our data before we publish so others can start using it right away. We also share our methodological conclusions. And we make our digital innovations available to all. We act as a catalyst for a global effort far more powerful than the sum of its parts. While we’ve published hundreds of papers in top scientific journals, our data has been used in thousands. If each lab that uses our data had to recreate it from scratch, the collective cost would exceed $1.5 billion.

We believe this open science philosophy marks a sea change in the culture of research in developmental neuroscience.

Learn more about how we’re gathering and sharing data through our Healthy Brain Network and the International Neuroimaging Data-Sharing Initiative.

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