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Applied Digital Technologies


Applied Digital Technologies

The Child Mind Institute is developing technologies to offer accessible, tailored care for children and families and to accelerate the pace of discovery across the mental health field.

A Need for
Accessible and Equitable
Mental Health Care

The youth mental health crisis continues to grow at an alarming rate, overwhelming our systems of care. There is a lack of resources and data to fully understand the causes or scale effective treatments. Traditional methods are not enough, but digital solutions offer unprecedented potential for both mental health research and care.

Our rigorous scientific approach and mental health expertise position us to develop clinically validated healthcare technologies — taking a step closer to a future in which every child, regardless of circumstance or geography, has better access to the care they need.

An Evidence-Based Approach to Healthtech


Product Development

We build digital therapeutics and response monitoring tools with clinical integrity, anchored in scientific evidence.


Data Science

Our dedication to open science facilitates collaboration and transparency, improving reproducibility for better outcomes.


Outreach & Partnerships

As a hub for outreach and thought leadership, we are committed to raising awareness about the importance of digital wellness.

Our Products


MindLogger is an open-source, mobile-first platform for conducting mental health assessments and research across large, distributed, and diverse populations. Learn more and get started with your free account.

Other Products in Development

We are pioneering advancements in digital solutions, including biometric-informed interventions, AR applications for improving youth mental health, wearable device data to provide positive feedback, and AI to enhance the digital healthcare experience.

Changing the Landscape of Mental Health Care

Open Science Meets Digital Innovation

Open Science Meets Digital Innovation

For more than a decade, the Child Mind Institute has been at the forefront of children’s mental health research and innovation. Our clinical expertise and commitment to open science has led to breakthroughs in understanding and treatment, but traditional methods continue to fall short in their reach and efficacy. Today, we are reimagining how to support children and families in all walks of life and accelerate discoveries across the mental health field.

Leveraging Technology Beyond the Clinic

Leveraging Technology Beyond the Clinic

Nearly 1 in 5 children experience mental health struggles, yet only half receive treatment. Numerous barriers hinder mental health care, but clinicians report scheduling difficulties and months-long wait times as significant challenges. Digital technologies hold the promise of breaking down these barriers. Assessments and interventions delivered through digital devices can acquire objective, quantitative measures in any setting, anywhere in the world.

Responsibly Merge Technology and Care

Responsibly Merge Technology and Care

The potential for technology to improve our understanding and delivery of mental health care is significant. However, we believe digital health care solutions must be developed with research and clinical oversight. We are listening to the voices of children, parents, clinicians, and researchers to ensure our solutions are aligned with their needs and supported by scientific data. As we learn, we are sharing our insights with the mental health care community.

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