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Big Talks

Advice from experts at the Child Mind Institute on how to have a variety of big talks with kids of all ages, from how to talk about scary things on the news to how to talk to teens about substance abuse and romantic relationships.

10 Ways to Teach Your Child the Skills to Prevent Sexual Abuse

Straight talk about body parts and a no-secrets policy can empower kids to get help when they need it


How to Help Kids Talk About Learning Disabilities

Sometimes opening up about learning differently is hard, but with practice, the rewards can be huge


How to Talk to Your Teen About Substance Use

Research shows that clear rules help keep kids safe


Talking to Kids About Racism and Violence

Supporting children while navigating your own big emotions


Helping Children Cope With Frightening News

What parents can do to aid scared kids in processing grief and fear in a healthy way


Talking to Kids About Money

Starting early helps children develop good habits like setting limits on spending and resisting impulse buys


Helping Girls Deal With Unwanted Sexual Attention

How parents can arm daughters to protect both their safety and their boundaries


Teens and Romantic Relationships

Some DOs and DON'Ts to share with your teens


How to Talk to Teenagers About Porn

Fighting unrealistic and unhealthy ideas about sex


How to Talk to Kids About Sex and Consent

When it comes to sex, setting boundaries and respecting them are both important


How to Talk to Your Kids About Sexting

Talking to teens about the dangers of oversharing online


The Scaffold Effect

A Book from the President of the Child Mind Institute

In this book, The Scaffold Effect, learn how to prevent and counteract the anxiety and emotional fragility prevalent in children and teenagers today—a new parenting philosophy and strategies that give children the tools to flourish on their own.