Victoria Castagna

Research Assistant, Healthy Brain Network

Child Mind Institute

Castagna Victoria CMI

Victoria Castagna is a Research Assistant for the Healthy Brain Network. Victoria received her bachelor’s degree in psychology and master’s in neuroscience from the College of Staten Island. During her graduate studies, she worked in a neuroscience research lab that focused on understanding the uniqueness of the naked mole-rat. She helped create a novel imaging approach by rendering whole brain samples optically transparent with the addition of a Golgi stain in order to compare the neurons of naked mole-rats to other species.  As participant navigator, she is responsible for the coordination between the research staff and the participants, to ensure a positive experience for all children and families. Victoria is passionate about working with children and pursuing research in order to help those with neurological and mental illnesses.


  • BA, Psychology, College of Staten Island
  • MS, Neuroscience, College of Staten Island