School and Community Programs

Our work through school-based initiatives has improved classroom experiences for hundreds of educators and thousands of students — in ways that make the learning experience better for everyone in the class.

Up to 15% of students in schools struggle with behavior problems stemming from mental health and learning disorders, and up to 40% of students in New York City have been exposed to trauma in their lives. Despite this great need, schools can struggle to provide sufficient support to their students. On average, school counselors are responsible for almost 500 students, and that number nearly triples for school psychologists.

The responsibility of addressing children’s mental health often defaults to teachers, although many educators report not being adequately prepared to manage children’s mental health in their classrooms. As a result, instructional time declines while teachers manage disruptions in the classroom, depriving children of important learning experiences and contributing to teacher burnout.

The Student Success Program brings the Child Mind Institute’s expert, evidence-based mental health services to underserved school communities, building school capacity to address student needs independently in the future.