School and Community Programs

Founded in 2012, the Child Mind Institute’s School and Community Programs have delivered mental health supports to more than 51,000 students, parents, educators and counselors. Breaking down barriers to care including cost, transportation, stigma and shortage of providers, the program brings a suite of evidence-based mental health services to school communities during the regular school day.

We support students and build the capacity of parents, educators and counselors to meet students’ mental health needs independently. Schools may choose to engage with us for a single workshop, a whole semester or several years, depending on their needs.

The services our School and Community Programs offer include:

School-wide resources to promote wellness and improve mental health literacy:

  • Educational resources, including guides for identifying at-risk students and fostering parent engagement
  • Workshops for teachers and parents on topics like stress management, learning supports, behavior management and trauma-informed student support
  • Training for school counselors and educators to deliver our interventions independently

Classroom-level services to facilitate productive learning environments for all students:

  • Social emotional skill-building workshops that teach students social problem-solving skills, strategies to cope with strong emotions, and mindfulness techniques
  • Educator consultation and live classroom coaching on student behavioral and learning needs

Evidence-based small group interventions for students requiring intensive support:

  • Group treatment for students with behavioral or emotional difficulties
  • Group treatment for students exposed to trauma
  • Group treatment for children who struggle to regulate their moods
  • Reading remediation groups for students struggling with early reading skills

If you would like to learn more about one of these services, please contact Taylor Barkee at or call 646-625-4250.