School and Community Programs Services Overview

Our School and Community Programs offer a comprehensive suite of evidence-based mental health treatment and capacity-building services to schools across the New York City metropolitan area. Services are offered to schools based on their individual needs, and may include:

School-wide resources to promote student and educator wellness and improve mental health literacy:

  • Resources for school communities, including printed and web-based guides for identifying at-risk students, constructing community outreach networks and parent engagement.
  • Training and professional development for teachers and student support staff on topics like teacher stress reduction, trauma-informed student support and student behavior management.

Classroom-level services to facilitate productive learning environments and increase academic engagement among all students:

  • Resilience-building interactive workshops for students between the ages of 8-16 to learn and apply skills like social problem-solving, coping with strong emotions and mindfulness.
  • Educator consultation and coaching on student mental health and behavioral needs.

Evidence-based small group intervention delivered in school for students who may require more intensive support:

  • Weekly group treatment for students ages 5-9 with behavioral or emotional difficulties, including skill-building sessions with parents.
  • Weekly group treatment for students ages 8-16 who have been exposed to trauma.

Other service offerings may include:

  • Parent workshops focusing on community engagement, home-school collaboration and mental health topics such as anxiety, trauma and behavior.
  • Assistance with students in need of community-based care.
  • Consultation in the event of a school crisis.

If you would like to learn more about one of these services, please contact Taylor Barkee at or call 646-625-4250.