School-Based Initiatives

Our work through school-based initiatives has improved classroom experiences for hundreds of educators and thousands of students — in ways that make the learning experience better for everyone in the class.

The Child Mind Institute works with public schools, independent private schools, and both public and private charter school systems to provide special support in classroom settings. We train teachers through professional development workshops and also partner with educators to implement unique, school-based programs such as the School-Based Mental Health Safety Net.

These types of interventions can include diagnostic evaluation by a Child Mind Institute school psychologist, community linkage by one of our school-based social workers, sustainability coaching to assist school school workers, and classroom coaching to assist educators with implementation and follow-through.

The outcomes of this work demonstrate its value, both for the students whose behavior might otherwise result in frequent suspensions and for the teachers who find many benefits in improved student behavior. We see such positive outcomes as:

  • Fewer suspensions
  • Reductions in problematic student behavior
  • Improvements in student-teacher and peer relationships
  • Increased ability for students to participate in academically-oriented class time
  • Increased teacher confidence in their ability to manage student behavior in the classroom
  • Decreased teacher stress due to improved behavior management

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