Parenting During Covid

Raising Children in 2020: A Year of Crisis, Unrest and Trauma

At the Child Mind Institute, we recognize that parents need tools and support to help their children navigate the challenges of 2020. Recently, we hosted a three-part seminar series for our donor community on discussing race and racism with children, teenagers and risk-taking during reopening, and managing increased anxiety. The webinars feature ABC News correspondent Deborah Roberts, MSNBC news anchor Stephanie Ruhle and senior editor at The Atlantic Kate Julian alongside Child Mind Institute’s expert clinicians and are available to stream below.

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Discussing Race and Racism with Your Children

Award-winning ABC News Correspondent Deborah Roberts moderates a discussion between Drs. Kenya Hameed and Jamie Howard. The group offer actionable advice on how families from every background can address race, racism, protest and violence with their children, from starting conversations about race early in a child’s life, to using books and toys to normalize racial differences and support education.

“You can initially use books and toys to talk to kids about racism and race. If you have a daughter at home who likes to play with dolls, as a white person, start buying black dolls. Try to incorporate race into your everyday routine and life, so it feels as natural as possible.” – Dr. Kenya Hameed

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Teenagers: Risk-Taking During Reopening

MSNBC anchor Stephanie Ruhle hosts a discussion between Dr. Harold Koplewicz and Student Success Program Social Worker Kathryn Lige. The panelists outline the adolescent brain’s propensity for risk-taking and impulsivity and how those behaviors converge with the coronavirus, social isolation, and the gradual reopening of society, and how parents can empathize with their children while promoting safety.

“What we’re teaching our kids right now is resilience and adaptability. We’re showing them that we have to make the best of what our situation is right now. We can validate and say, ‘This still sucks, this isn’t fun at all!’” – Kathryn Lige, ACSW

Anxiety During Reopening: Yours and Your Kids’

Kate Julian, senior editor at The Atlantic, leads a conversation between Drs. David Anderson and Stephanie A. Lee on the rising anxiety faced by children and families due to the coronavirus and civil unrest. The group discuss signs and symptoms that parents can look out for in their children, how children’s anxiety may present in unexpected ways and tips for processing uncertainty and challenge.

“Resilience isn’t always being completely calm in the face of change; kids can have big feelings, but we want to see that those big feelings don’t persist for an extremely long time, or with extreme intensity, after a period of adjustment.” – Dr. Dave Anderson

This is the first of an annual series, offering expert knowledge to our donors while building community and connection. Child Mind Institute’s evidence-based, timely resources are made possible by the generosity of individuals who share our vision for a world where every child with a mental health or learning disorder gets the support they need to thrive. Please consider making a contribution today.