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James Hudziak, MD

James Hudziak, M.D. is known internationally for his work in the psychiatric genetics and developmental neuroimaging of child and adolescent behavior. Dr. Hudziak has published over 240 peer-reviewed publications from these, and other investigations. Dr. Hudziak is the creator of a health promotion and illness prevention treatment program entitled, “The Vermont Family Based Approach”. The Approach is the direct result of his 30+ years in genetics and neuroscience and is based on the simple fact that the best way to promote health in children and families is to help the family. Dr. Hudziak’s is also the creator and Director of the UVM Wellness Environment, an internationally known model to promote health and prevent illness while “Building Healthy Brains” in University Students.  Dr. Hudziak’s approach is being used in clinics around the world and it is his goal to have it used more broadly”. Dr. Hudziak has also invested energy in the development of Health Promotion and Illness Prevention Apps to provide individuals with real time health coaching (UVM WE APP).