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Amy Poehler Says Smart Girls Have More Fun

July 17, 2012

Who can resist Amy Poehler? She’s a charming, infectiously funny lady, and she’s the star of one of the best shows on television right now. For a long time she’s been one of our favorite actresses, and now because of her online TV show and website, Smart Girls at the Party, she’s one of our favorite people, too.

In each episode Poehler, the show’s host, interviews a girl about something she’s passionate about. Past interviews have included Anna the nine-year-old who loves yoga, Rachel the twelve-year-old robot engineer, Valentine the eleven-year-old gardener, and Ruby the seven-year-old feminist. The girls aren’t chosen because they are the best at doing yoga poses or keeping orchids alive, they’re chosen because they’re interested in interesting things, and that’s pretty cool. Poehler begins most episodes by saying, “We celebrate extraordinary individuals who are changing the world by being themselves.” And did we mention the theme song’s refrain is “Smart girls have more fun”? It’s a nice message for tweenage girls, and the show is as fun and kooky as everything else Poehler does. But my favorite thing about Smart Girls is the way Poehler genuinely tries to meet these girls where they are. The best example of this is probably the new Smart Girls series called “Ask Amy,” in which girls can submit questions and Poehler will answer them on video. The first question comes from a 14-year-old who wants to wear makeup but her father says she’s too young. “How am I supposed to feel as pretty as my friends who are allowed to wear makeup?” she asks.

Poehler answers the question like the world’s greatest big sister. Her show might be all about celebrating girls who are comfortable being themselves, but being yourself while still fitting in with the group can be a hard line to walk, and Poehler was thoughtful when she gave her answer. She hit all the right points—she said 14-year-olds are naturally pretty without makeup, but she also sincerely empathized with how it feels to get left out of something new and exciting. Ultimately she suggested the girl try to have an adult negotiation with her father about trying just a little bit of makeup, and her answer felt spot-on. The 14-year-old inside all of us was comforted. (Plus Amy offered to talk to the girl’s father.)

Happily, Smart Girls at the Party is just starting its second season. We think you and your daughters should check it out—you won’t be disappointed.

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Rachel Ehmke
Rachel Ehmke is a freelance writer and the former managing editor at the Child Mind Institute. She holds a BA … Read Bio