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Drew Robinson Advocates for Youth Mental Health

May 22, 2023

“The struggle that I went through when I was a kid was early on in my life. My parents got divorced, and growing up with that split household, a little bit of tension from that really weighed on me and it was something that I didn’t understand how to process at that time.”

Drew Robinson

For May Mental Health Awareness Month, Major League Baseball player Drew Robinson, alongside his adorable Dog Ellie offer support and resources for children facing mental health challenges. With a heartfelt message of encouragement, Drew reminds viewers that although the journey may be tough, they possess the strength to overcome.

About the You Got This Campaign

Battling mental health issues can sometimes feel isolating and overwhelming. The You Got This campaign strives to assure you that you’re never alone. Celebrities and influencers share their stories and provide tips on how they got through the hardships of both their past and present, reinforcing the empowering message that while things may be hard now, #YouGotThis.

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About Drew Robinson

Drew Robinson is a former Major League Baseball player, mental health advocate, and co-founder of the Better Universe Foundation who is using his platform to advocate for mental health and end the stigma surrounding it.

Drew is passionate about advocating to prioritize our mental health, working towards accessible mental health care, and encouraging peer-to-peer support so people can share their stories and find the necessary support they need.

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