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These Celebs Have All Battled Depression

August 25, 2011

We just discovered on iVillage an amazing slideshow of 44 celebrities who’ve battled depression. It’s fascinating who’s on the list, since (obviously) it belies the stereotype that people with mental illness are underachievers. But it’s also compelling to read the details the writers have pulled together of how/when these actors, musicians, writers and world leaders, were felled by it. Some went into profound depression after the death of a parent (Jon Hamm). Several had post-partum depression (Gwyneth Paltrow). Some had an eating disorder (Christina Ricci). Some became drug addicts (Russell Brand). It’s stunning, and disturbing, how many said they seriously considered or attempted suicide (JK Rowling, Tim Gunn, Halle Berry, Owen Wilson, among others). It’s also interesting to see what they say about what helped alleviate depression: cognitive behavioral therapy, medication, talk therapy, yoga, acting, songwriting—you name it, someone has found it helpful. Of course we think being honest about how you are feeling is the first step, and it’s great that so many well-known people have gone public with their struggles.

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