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Autism and Puberty

April 23 2024

Going through puberty is challenging for any child, but for kids on the autism spectrum, for whom change is often distressing, it can be especially difficult, even disturbing. Dramatic changes in their bodies, new desires and sensations, more complicated social interactions — all can be daunting for tweens and teens with autism.

This week at, we explore how parents can support autistic children going through puberty by being proactive — preparing kids for the changes they will experience well before they happen to mitigate anxiety and fear. In honor of Autism Month, we also discuss the neurodiversity movement, which embraces the unique strengths of people with autism, and how teachers can support neurodivergent students in school. We also examine why families of severely autistic children are proposing a separate diagnosis called profound autism and how it could help kids get better supports.

– Caroline Miller, Editorial Director | 

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