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How to Get Mental Health Care for Your Child

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October 12, 2021

Treatment for children’s mental health and learning challenges can be confusing, especially when you’re seeking it for the first time. How do you find the right provider? What does your family’s insurance plan cover? What if your child doesn’t want treatment? And how do you know that they need care in the first place? Questions like these can make getting the support your child needs feel impossible.

That’s why we created a new feature on childmind.org called Connect to Care. The resources there are designed to help you through the process of getting care for your child, from the first phone call to the final treatment session. Connect to Care is part of our newly launched Family Resource Center, which features over 700 evidence-based resources on kids’ mental health, learning disorders and common parenting challenges — all in both English and Spanish. No matter what your child is struggling with, you’ll find expert advice and practical guidance to help them thrive.

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