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Mania in Children and Teenagers

March 28, 2023

Mania is rare in children and teens, but when it happens, it can be confusing and dangerous. It’s a high-energy state that comes with symptoms like racing thoughts and extreme self-confidence, and it often leads to risky behavior. Identifying mania in kids can be challenging because instead of euphoria, it can also show up as irritability and aggression.

This week on childmind.org, we take a close look at mania in kids, what can cause it, and what parents should do if you think your child might be having a manic episode. Mania is often a symptom of bipolar disorder, but it can also have different triggers and is easy to confuse with other mental health disorders. We also have information on recognizing bipolar disorder and telling it apart from ADHD, plus a guide to borderline personality disorder, another mental health challenge that can result in erratic and extreme behavior.

– Hannah Sheldon-Dean, Managing Editor | 

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