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Teens, Sex, and Dating

February 13, 2024

Talking to your teen about sex and dating doesn’t have to be overwhelming or embarrassing — it doesn’t even have to focus entirely on romance. Healthy romantic relationships aren’t just about sex. They are built on good communication, trust, and feeling safe.

This Valentine’s Day at, we’re rounding up resources to help you start the conversation about what makes a good partner. Teens should feel comfortable with the person they’re dating. This means being able to speak up about what they do and don’t want to do sexually, but also feeling like they can be themselves around that person — for instance, expressing their own opinions and wearing what they like. Navigating relationships can be especially tricky for teens who are questioning their gender or sexual preference, but parental support can be a big help. And when you are ready to talk about sex with your teen, be frank and open about it, emphasizing that it’s just one component of a relationship.

– Molly Hagan, Staff Writer | 

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