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Resources to Help Kids Thrive

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Therapies to Help Anxious and Depressed Kids

November 7, 2023

We’re all concerned about the sharp rise in the number of children who are anxious or depressed. But the good news is that there are specialized therapies that can help kids who are struggling emotionally. They’re all based on cognitive behavior therapy, and while they present a confusing array of acronyms — ACT, DBT, SPACE, BA, MI, IPT — they’ve all been shown to be effective in combatting anxiety or depression. For a quick guide to all theses therapies and acronyms, click here.

This week we round up resources about these therapies, to help you understand the approaches a therapist may recommend for your child. ACT, for instance, helps teenagers accept negative feelings and commit to pursuing their goals despite them. BA is a technique that uses activity itself to fight depression, even when kids don’t feel like leaving their bedrooms. DBT helps kids manage overwhelming emotions. MI helps kids overcome resistance to making positive changes. And SPACE is a surprising new therapy that teaches parents how to help kids rein in their fears — the therapist never works directly with the child. All of them offer insights parents can use at home to help kids fight negative thoughts and feelings.

– Caroline Miller, Editorial Director | 

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