Data-Sharing Initiatives

Open science makes scientific data, tools and knowledge available to all researchers, regardless of location or affiliation.

The Child Mind Institute is a leading force in the promotion of open neuroscience — the movement to make scientific data, tools and knowledge accessible to all researchers. Data-sharing initiatives are a key component of our commitment to open science.

While most academic medical centers and research institutes hold their data until papers are published, we freely share our data and findings to speed the pace of discovery through both the sponsorship of ongoing open efforts and the creation of novel tools and initiatives.

With 1 in 5 children struggling with mental health and learning disorders, we believe that researchers and institutions must adopt collaborative approaches to significantly advance the science of the developing brain and make real change for children. Learn more about our open science initiatives, including the International Neuroimaging Data-Sharing Initiative (INDI), the Autism Brain Image Data Exchange (ABIDE), and the CMI Open Science Library on Mendeley.

Our goal is that this demonstration of an open science philosophy will serve as a model for other institutions around the world and encourage an active focus on creating change for children.