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A Year Like No Other

The Pandemic Inspires New Research

The Child Mind Institute is conducting breakthrough research to better understand the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the developing brain, with a view to delivering more effective mental health interventions now and during future crises.

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Our Scientific Research Agenda

The Child Mind Institute leads cutting-edge, open science research that leverages advances in neuroscience, technology and data analytics to redefine our understanding of the developing brain and improve children’s mental health diagnosis, treatment and outcomes.


COVID-19 and the Healthy Brain Network Study

Through the landmark Healthy Brain Network study, our researchers are building the world’s largest, most comprehensive dataset on the developing brain and sharing it freely with the scientific community to accelerate the pace of discovery within children’s mental health.

The coronavirus pandemic led to the temporary closure of our research centers and the use of partial remote evaluations to keep staff and participants safe. We are pleased to share that in addition to these remote measures, we are now offering in-person evaluations with added health and safety measures.

Researching the Mental Health Effects of the Pandemic

To learn about the emotional impact the pandemic is having across society, our researchers developed CrisisLogger.org, a website where people log their experiences of the pandemic as audio, video or text entries. CrisisLogger uses novel technology to capture critical qualitative information and key themes in participants’ fears, frustrations and hopes during the pandemic, a breakthrough for researchers across disciplines.

Additionally, through both the Coronavirus Health and Impact Survey (CRISIS), a study that examines the risk factors for negative mental health outcomes during the pandemic for children and adults, and a separate study about problematic internet usage in young people during the pandemic, our researchers are gathering new information to inform more effective interventions now and in the future. Both of these studies are generously supported by the Morgan Stanley Foundation’s Alliance for Children’s Mental Health.


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