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Amanda G. Mintzer, PsyD

Amanda Mintzer, PsyD

Clinical Advisor
Child Mind Institute


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Amanda G. Mintzer, PsyD is a member of the Clinical Advisory Council at the Child Mind Institute. She is also a licensed psychologist who’s professional journey spans almost a decade, during which she served as a dedicated psychologist and held the role of Director of the Social Anxiety Program at the esteemed Child Mind Institute.

Dr. Mintzer’s strong reputation as a clinician is firmly rooted in her extensive training and experience across a diverse array of evidence-based interventions. These encompass well-regarded methodologies such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), and exposure with response prevention (ERP). In addition to these, she proficiently employs mindfulness-based therapies, with a notable emphasis on acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT).

A distinctive hallmark of Dr. Mintzer’s practice is her warm, empathetic, and highly collaborative approach. It’s this personal touch that distinguishes her and empowers individuals under her care not only to achieve their goals but also to elevate their overall quality of life.

Within the realm of clinical therapy, Dr. Mintzer specializes in imparting practical strategies and skills designed to enhance daily functioning. Furthermore, her expertise extends to facilitating effective communication within relationships and offering valuable insights into better managing life’s diverse stressors. She firmly believes in providing customized treatments that are thoughtfully tailored to meet the individualized needs of her patients and their families.

Throughout her distinguished career, Dr. Mintzer embodies a steadfast commitment to advancing the cause of mental health. She’s dedicated to ensuring that all individuals have access to clinically sound treatment. Her belief in reducing the stigma associated with mental health diagnoses and strengthening the availability of mental health services within communities and educational institutions is at the core of her work.