Jacob DeRosa

Imaging Supervisor, Healthy Brain Network

Child Mind Institute

Derosa Jacob CMI

Jacob DeRosa is a an Imaging Supervisor for the Healthy Brain Network. He graduated from the Southern Connecticut State University with a major in psychology. While at college he coordinated a study that investigated the effects of Differential Recall Enhancement and the decision to disclose amongst innocent and guilty suspects. The research investigated memory, decision making, and impression management to help detect deception. His paper about the study has been accepted and is being prepared for publication. Jacob also has research experience with Yale University’s School of Medicine. There he worked with a multi-disciplinary research team investigating the biological basis of psychotic disorders and cannabis dependence, associated neurocognitive impairments and the effectiveness of psychotropic medications. Jacob is passionate about having a transformative impact on the lives of children. His goal is to earn his doctoral degree in clinical psychology with a special interest in the neurodevelopment assessment of children.


  • BA, Psychology, Southern Connecticut State University